9 Tips For a Great Night's Sleep

Here are 9 our best tips for improving your night's sleep. Keep them in mind while looking for your next bedding: 
1.   Choose a top-quality down duvet, like those made with 95% pure Hutterite goose down or  90% pure Hutterite duck down.
2.   Buy the lightest, finest sheets possible (don’t be fooled by numbers of high thread counts per inch. While high thread count is thought to indicate excellence, you can actually decrease the quality of a sheet if thread counts are forced and greatly increased by twisting yarns, doubling, ramping up the numbers to fool the consumer into thinking more is better. It’s not!
3.   Choose lightweight, natural fibres like cotton or linen for sheets, pillowcases that are directly next to your skin.
4.   As long as the sheets that touch your skin are lightweight, the outer coverings, known as “top of the bed” (i.e.Matelasse or thicker weaves and knits), can have textures and therefore be a bit heavier or perhaps woven with blended fabrics which add another interesting dimension to the cloth. 
5.   Take time choosing a pillow for your personal needs. Do you sleep on your back, front or sides? How firm, or big, do you prefer your pillow to be? For the best bet, choose natural fibres inside and outside the pillow (natural cotton is best). Always use a washable, natural cotton pillow protector to keep your investment in great shape for years to come.
6.   Always protect your mattress with a mattress protector made of absorbent cotton, a barrier between the mattress and the fitted sheet.
7.   When comparison shopping, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is (ie: 100% Egyptian Cotton fabric with 500 thread count for a very low price). Trust your instincts. 
8.   Buy a name you trust. Find out how to determine the quality of fabric by yarn origin and quality, thread count, ply, and construction. We've been in business for over 40 years, for a good reason! 
9.   You may be surprised to know that the highest thread count is not necessarily for the best quality fabric/sheet. Know what you are buying.
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