Why does high-quality matter?

As a company that both manufactures and distributes, we understand that our collection cannot be valued on looks alone. 

The Revelle bed’s real soul isn’t only in its design; it’s in our commitment to quality present at all production stages. 

  • Our choice of cotton - 100% Egyptian cotton is used in the majority of our collections. 100% organic cotton is also available in our Org Collection.
  • Dyeing and finishing of fabrics - For instance, the Gabel Collection offers customers the intense colour saturation of high-quality dyes in bold prints on silky sateen, plus the all-natural look of unbleached cotton in the Naturae Line, and the quiet elegance, simplicity and respect for the earth in the Organic Line. The Mirabello Collection highlights beautiful Louisiana soft touch percales with superb digitally printed florals.
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