Are High Thread Count Sheets Worth It? – A Guide to Buying Luxury Sheets

How do I buy a premium set of sheets?

Which fabric is better?

Is thread count important?

Finding the perfect pair of sheets can be– well, complicated. There are countless aspects to consider, from softness to breathability, the fabrics used, durability, and so much more. However, the one thing everyone seems to get hung up on is a high thread count.

While it can be a helpful tool to navigate the wide world of bedding, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality is higher.

Then, how are you supposed to know which sheets are the best?

Today, we’re here to offer thoughtful explanations for all your pressing questions and demystify the misleading sheet concepts spread throughout the bedding industry.

In this guide, you will learn:
  1. What is Thread Count?
  2. Tricks of The Trade: Multi-Ply Yarn
  3. Is There an Ideal Thread Count?
  4. Our Suggested Thread Count for Sheets
  5. How Do I Choose High-Quality Sheets?
  6. Buy Sheets From a Company That Cares

What is Thread Count?

In essence, a thread count is just the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric. For example, if the thread count is listed as 300, there should be 150 threads woven horizontally and another 150 vertically.

Companies looking to lower their manufacturing costs can easily use ‘creative math’ to increase their thread count. Many cheaply-made sheets on the market today use sneaky tricks to reach a ‘higher’ thread count while sacrificing quality in the process.

We know this is confusing. We’ve all been told that the higher the number, the more luxurious the sheets are, but that’s not always the case.

Tricks of The Trade: Multi-Ply Yarn

The main reason high thread counts aren’t the best quality indicator is due to deceptive tricks like multi-ply yarn. Many bedding manufacturers will use thin strands of fabric called plies and twist them together to create one thread.

Then, companies will count each ply, artificially inflating their thread count to double, triple, or quadruple what it actually should be. This means that a 300 thread-count set of sheets could quickly become 600, 900, or even 1200.

Unfortunately, this common process ultimately creates a weaker, lower-quality bed sheet.

In fact, sheets that use a multi-ply yarn technique often have:

  • A rough, coarse feel
  • Low Durability
  • Pilling
  • Less breathability

The truth is, there are only so many threads that can realistically be woven into one square inch of fabric. Our advice? Avoid most bed sheets with a thread count higher than 600.

Is There an Ideal Thread Count?

There absolutely is an ideal thread count range! However, it may not be what you expect. The key thing to understand is that the ideal thread count can vary dramatically across different fabrics and weave styles.

What actually matters most is the thread itself. For example, if you have a sheet with a lower thread count but stronger and higher-quality threads, it would feel much smoother and hold up to washing far better than one with poor-quality threads and a ‘higher’ thread count.

Not to mention, quality threads and expert weaving typically result in better airflow, enhanced breathability, guaranteed durability, and a superior night's sleep.

Our Suggested Thread Count for Sheets

As we mentioned, different fabrics and weaves come with a range of recommended thread counts. Instead of just opting for the highest number, it’s better to understand the sweet spot for the most popular sheets styles.

  • Sateen Weave
    This silky-soft fabric is made of woven cotton with a smooth, glossy finish. High-quality Sateen sheets typically have a thread count range between 300-600.


Luxe 500 Sateen


  • Percale Weave
    Sheets made from cotton Percale are crisp, cool and have a tighter weave with a flat matte finish. A premium Percale sheet set should have a thread count of 180-600.


Nevadis Percale T600 and Hilton Duo

  • Egyptian Cotton
    This luxurious material is made with long-staple cotton fibres, resulting in a softer, more durable sheet set. The ideal range for premium Egyptian Cotton sheets sits between a thread count of 300-500.


Piqué Pure White and Concierge

  • Linen
    The fine and intricate nature of a genuine Linen weave results in an incredibly lightweight and breathable fabric. More often than not, the thread count won’t be listed for Linen sheets, so it’s best to avoid companies boasting higher numbers.


Savoy Linen

How Do I Choose Quality Sheets?

While high thread counts may not be entirely accurate, there are still a variety of ways to find a premium set of sheets.

Fabric & Weaves

Finding the best bedsheets boils down to personal preference. If you’re looking for something heavier with a buttery-smooth finish, Sateen is the best choice. Breathability and durability are key features of Egyptian Cotton and Linen. Alternatively, if you love the cool crispness of a hotel-style sheet, then Percale is the best option for you.

Understanding the different types of fabrics and weaves will help you determine what sheets will give you the best night’s sleep.


Estate Solid Smoke and OM (ORG)

Thread Count

We know– we already said that thread count isn’t the best indicator of quality. However, following our thread-count guidelines above can be a useful, more accurate tool for your sheet-buying journey.

The main takeaway is to avoid sheets that have ridiculously high thread counts. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Cocoon and Savoy Stripe

The Brand

Buy your bedding from a reputable company. Bargain-brand sheet sets purchased on Amazon or cheaper-looking labels are almost always low-level quality. Keep an eye out for customer reviews, how long the brand has been operating, and where the fabric is sourced.

This information can help you determine how established the brand is, the transparency around manufacturing, and how quality their products actually are.


Basic White Percale 220 and Simple Solids Stonewash


Buy Sheets From a Company That Cares

Revelle Linens has served countless happy customers for over 40 years. Since 1978, we’ve been sourcing the finest fabric, new weaves, and unique prints from respected mills across Europe.

While we are loved for our exotic bedding designs, we are renowned for our comfortable luxury sheets.

We care deeply about our customers’ comfort. That’s why we use the highest quality cotton in all of our sheets, regularly test the durability of different fabrics, and have even invented our own smart-fit corner, so your fitted sheets won’t slip off the mattress throughout the night.

Our dedication to fine craftsmanship across our luxury bedding collections has placed our brand among the best in the world. So go on and join millions of others and transform the way you sleep with Revelle Linens.

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Why Revelle Linens?

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  • We test the durability of new fabrics and check for shrinkage before cutting.
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