How to Use Swatches: A Guide to Reviving A Boring Bedroom

Your bedroom is in desperate need of a refresh, but where to begin?

How can you feel comfortable choosing the softest fabrics and most captivating colours through a flat computer screen?

It all begins with a swatch.

We wanted our customers to feel confident embarking on their bedroom revival journey, which is why we chose to launch our highly requested swatch program.

Now RevelleLinens customers can mix, match, and compare different colours and fabrics all from the comfort of their own bedroom.

What’s the best way to work with a swatch? How can you be certain that you’re using them to their fullest potential?

We’ve compiled this detailed guide outlining the best ways to use your fabric samples to find the perfect bedding to transform your bedroom into an oasis of comfort and beauty.

In this guide, you will learn:

Why Order Swatches?

With so many gorgeous colours, unique prints, and types of materials, our swatches are a great way to get a closer look and feel for the countless options available.

Perhaps you’re unsure how the fabric feels or how the colours and patterns will work in your space. This way, you can see them firsthand and experiment in your own time.

In essence, swatches are an opportunity to try before you buy. It’s like tasting hors d'oeuvres before ordering the full gourmet meal.

Swatches will give you the peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice before purchasing the gourmet bedding of your dreams.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Swatches

Let’s begin! Make the most out of your swatches by following our tips below:

1. Take The Time to Feel The Fabric

When your swatches arrive, the first thing you should do is really take the time to touch and feel the fabric. If you’re unsure about the quality, softness, or texture, this is the perfect opportunity to confirm exactly how things feel.

There are 4 key questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is it soft on your skin?
  • Do you like the texture?
  • Is it lightweight and breathable enough?
  • Would you feel comfortable sleeping with this fabric every night?

Remember, your comfort takes priority over everything else. If you don’t love how the fabric feels, then it’s essential to eliminate those swatches before moving on to the next step. 

2. View The Material in Different Lighting

It’s time to do the ‘Lighting Test’. This is arguably the most important step of your swatch process.

There’s nothing quite like having the swatch in your hands and seeing the colour in real life. But, it’s also essential that you take a look at your swatch up close and in as many different kinds of lighting as possible.

  • Artificial Light
    Observe how the fabric looks under your houselights, lamps, and even candlelight.

  • Time of Day
    Work with the natural light in your bedroom. We suggest placing the swatch on your window sill or bedside table and looking at it morning, noon, and night.

  • Different Weather
    See how the swatch reacts when the light changes due to different weather. Compare them on misty, rainy, sunny, and cloudy days.

It’s also important to remember when you’ll be looking at your bedroom the most. For example, do you spend your mornings reading in bed? Or perhaps you relax in your room in the evenings? Your favourite time to be in your bedroom should be the timeframe and lighting you focus on the most.

3. Place The Swatch in Your Space

Compare the ‘before and after’ by holding your swatch next to your current bedding. This way, you can imagine what your room would look like with this stylish addition. Then, compare the fabric to your wall colour, drapes, furniture and even flooring.

Ask yourself:

  • Does it match your current colour scheme?
  • Will the material subtly complement your space or become the center of attention?
  • Is there harmony between patterns, or do they ‘fight’ with each other?

Our tip: If you’re planning on repainting your bedroom, we highly recommend choosing your linens first. There are endless shades of paint, but you may not find the exact bedding colour to match. And unfortunately, a slight variation in the shade can make or break whether your walls and bed harmonize or clash.

4. Get Inspired

Now for the fun part! If you don’t already have a clear idea of how you want your bedroom to look, it’s time to brainstorm and search for some inspiration.

In your brainstorming process, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of feel do you want in your bedroom (cozy, romantic, sensual, arousing, etc.)?
  • What colours do you want to play with?
  • Are there any Pinterest boards you would like to emulate?

While your bedding design is a key factor, your colour scheme is the most important aspect to consider. Do you have an idea of the primary colour you’d like to focus on? From there, you can explore countless combinations of subtle complementary hues or focus on bold accent tones.

5. Plan Your Bedroom Vision

Your research and inspiration should ultimately lead to a well-thought-out plan. The easiest way to do this is by putting your creative thoughts down on a physical mood board. This allows you to experiment with different combinations of colours and textures to see what you like and what you don’t.

We suggest adding the following to your mood board:

  • Your favourite fabric swatches
  • Pictures of your current bedroom
  • Colour palette ideas
  • Print-outs of your favourite bedroom looks

This mood board will essentially become your bedroom bible. Study it, add to it, look at it in different lighting and keep it near and dear. Once you've completed your mood board, you'll know exactly what bedding colour to choose. The best part is that you can take this when shopping to ensure every purchase matches beautifully.

Design The Space of Your Dreams

Are you ready to begin your bedroom revival journey?
It all starts here.

You can find swatches in every design available on our website. Each fabric sample is 7 inches wide – large enough to use within your home and just the right size to bring along when shopping.

We know that colour matching and pattern pairing can feel challenging when the possibilities are almost endless. So send us a message if you need any assistance finding the perfect bedding combination to design the space of your dreams.


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Why Revelle Linens?

  • The highest quality fabrics are sourced from Europe and used in all of our bedding collections.
  • Bold prints and exclusive designs are what we’re known for.
  • We’re innovative and dedicated to solving bedding problems, so you enjoy the ultimate bed and sleep. 
  • We are proudly Canadian-owned and operated by the original founding partners who established the company over 40 years ago.
  • Revelle Is eco-friendly, working towards transparency and credibility regarding sustainable production of organic fabrics.
  • We test the durability of new fabrics and check for shrinkage before cutting.


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