Are you Canadian?

Yes, we’re proudly Canadian!

Our address is 74 Wildcat Rd. Toronto, ON M3J 2V4

Can you tell me more about your European suppliers?

To accommodate our clients, we’ve sought out the best fabric mills and designers on the planet and began a stellar line of linens that continues to fulfill the Canadian dream of European style and flair. 

Revelle co-branded with two of the finest fabric producers in Italy, Gabel and Mirabello. These partnerships bring an extensive range of printed percale and sateens to the Canadian market, some delicately sweet and calming, others bold trendsetters. 

The satin-smooth fabrics in the Savoy Collection are also woven and dyed at another of Italy’s top mills. 

The Revelle label also features exclusive fabrics designed and printed in Portugal. The addition of these Portuguese fabrics broadens the appeal of the entire Revelle collection.

Why Europe?

Revelle was attracted to Portugal and Italy as partners because they are renowned for their excellence in finishing and processing. Italy, Portugal, and Revelle share exceptional attention to detail.

Other than bed linens, what else do you make?

In addition to bed linens, Revelle manufactures a superb collection of:

These products are made solely from Canadian white goose down processed and refined by authentic Hutterite communities in Western Canada. Rest assured, you can have complete confidence in our premium Canadian brand. 

Revelle also represents and distributes other prestigious home decor products from Europe, including:

  • Carrara and Gabel towels
  • Somma blankets and throws in merino wool
  • Fleece cotton blankets
  • Tablecloths
  • Window treatments
  • Decorator Cushions


Where do I send comments and feedback?
We welcome all comments, suggestions and ideas that will make your online or in-store shopping experience more enjoyable. Tell us how we can help by contacting Revelle Linens at support@revellelinens.com.
We love hearing from you!
What is your Privacy Policy?

As our online customer, you can be assured that the security of the information you provide is of the utmost importance. We treat your credit card number and personal data with high standards of confidentiality. 

A dedicated 128-bit encrypted server utilizing the latest industry-standard E-commerce technology ensures that your credit card and personal identification information is secure in transmission. 

We will never sell or exchange information about our online or in-store customers to third parties.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. 

According to their policy, all credit cards must be charged within seven days after placing an order. PayPal and international credit card orders are charged the same day. Please contact us if you have questions about our payment policy.

How do I place an order online?

Ordering online at revellelinens.com is easy (and fun too)! 

  1. Browse through our selection of luxury linens, duvets, pillows & towels. 
  2. Once you select an item, add it to your shopping cart. You will be able to view your order at the top of the page.
  3. If you decide to remove an item, please click the remove button from the cart, and your order will automatically update.
  4. When you’re ready to pay, input your payment information and submit your order.
    How can I change or cancel an existing order?

    After you’ve placed an order online and received your order confirmation number, you won’t be able to make further changes on our website. 

    To change or cancel an order before shipment, please contact customer service at support@revellelinens.com or via phone at 212-737-2123 or 877-454-6366.

    Please be advised that orders are processed quickly, and we are unable to change or cancel your order once it is in the shipping phase. 

    Please see our return policy for options after your order has been shipped. All orders are charged at the time the order is placed to ensure a quick delivery.

    How do I order a fabric swatch (sample)?

    If you’d like to try out the fabrics before ordering the product (highly recommended), you have the option of ordering product swatches for $1, which will give you an idea of the feel, texture and quality of the fabric. 

    Once you’re satisfied with the fabric, go ahead and follow the instructions above to proceed with your purchase. 


    Will I be charged Sales Tax?
    Yes, all orders have an additional HST charge of 13%.


    How to wash your fine bed linens?

    Luxurious new bedding is all yours to be enjoyed. Whether you’ve invested in sateen, linen, percale, jacquard or metellase, washing them correctly is vital to maintaining their unique appeal.

    Wash delicate fabrics with the same care you’d give a favourite delicate blouse. It’s almost impossible to undo a washing mistake. 

    Revelle ranks laundering tips with such importance, our washing and care instructions list is inserted into all product packaging.

    Why does high-quality matter?

    As a company that both manufactures and distributes, we understand that our collection cannot be valued on looks alone. 

    The Revelle bed’s real soul isn’t only in its design; it’s in our commitment to quality present at all production stages. 

    • Our choice of cotton - 100% Egyptian cotton is used in the majority of our collections. 100% organic cotton is also available in our Org Collection.
    • Dyeing and finishing of fabrics - For instance, the Gabel Collection offers customers the intense colour saturation of high-quality dyes in bold prints on silky sateen, plus the all-natural look of unbleached cotton in the Naturae Line, and the quiet elegance, simplicity and respect for the earth in the Organic Line. The Mirabello Collection highlights beautiful Louisiana soft touch percales with superb digitally printed florals.
    How do I know what the best colour is for my bedding?

    No matter what colour surrounds you at home, make sure it looks good on you! Colour helps you to start the day feeling good about yourself. 

    Rule of thumb: you likely know which colours suit you best. So if you look good in specific shades of clothing, these colours are going to be flattering in your bedroom too. 

    Our motto: Strive to “look great” in bed ;)

    What bedding should I buy to get the best night's sleep?

    Insomnia, or disrupted sleep patterns, can be solved with the advice of experts in the field. However, you may be surprised to learn that an evaluation of your bedding would be at the top of the list.

    If you toss, ache, wake up, get too hot and/or too cool while sleeping, chances are you simply need to be more comfortable. Too often, we ignore the obvious: our bedding is substandard quality because we don’t regard it as necessary- and yet we all agree on the health benefits of getting a consistent, good night’s sleep.

    Refer to 9 tips for a great night’s sleep for more ideas.