Stay warm and cozy

Down is the light and fluffy undercoating grown by geese and ducks to stay warm and is the premium lining for a plush duvet. The natural fibres of down allow it to insulate and wick away any moisture, keeping you snug and dry throughout the entire night.


We have high standards

At Revelle, we create products that are of the highest quality. Our down materials are above industry standard, boasting 95% purity, making them a prime choice for luxury bedding. 

Our products are also DOWNMARK® certified, meaning they meet a range of high-quality standards and strict requirements set by the Canadian government.


Comfortable is an understatement

You spend around ⅓ of your time in bed, so bedding should feel extraordinary. Experience an unparalleled level of comfort with our ultra-soft and fluffy down selection. Unlike polyester alternatives, down duvets are malleable, and the cloud-like material will mould to the shape of your body, providing a heavenly night's sleep.


Regulate your body temperature

Our down duvets are the perfect solution for body temperature differences between men and women. The lightweight and breathable nature of the material allows plenty of air to circulate within the duvet to provide the optimal balance between warmth and cooling.

The concepts we incorporate into our products eliminate any temperature-related bedtime problems and accommodate all types of sleepers. 


Allergen-free materials

We put our down through an extensive treatment process and can guarantee our products are hypoallergenic. In addition, the breathable structure of down prevents a build-up of dust mites and other elements, making it the ideal bedding choice for those prone to allergies.


Ethically and sustainably sourced

We ensure our products meet stringent manufacturing requirements and are only produced with ethically sourced down. You can rest peacefully knowing that down is the most sustainable insulating material available, and all by-products of processing are entirely biodegradable.


An investment in your future

Down is long-lasting and incredibly durable. With proper care, it will provide you with warmth and comfort for decades – making this a fantastic long-term investment. 


Duvet Covers & Pillow Protectors

We recommend purchasing an accompanying duvet cover and/or pillow protector to keep your down product protected over time. 

In addition, duvet covers can be used to transform the style and feel of your bedroom and are easy to remove and clean. Pillow protectors are also easy to remove and clean, however, we recommend overlaying them with pillowcases that provide both comfort and styling.