Supreme Quality Bedding & Towels

We’re obsessed with fabric quality. At Revelle, every piece is excellent; simply because we only offer the best!


The highest quality of cotton

100% Egyptian cotton is used in the majority of our collections. We don’t mess around with raw materials that aren’t in alignment with our high standards.


We’re innovative

We’re dedicated to solving bedding problems so you enjoy the ultimate bed and sleep. For example, we’ve developed our own fitted sheet (Smartfit corner) that never slips off the mattress.


We test the durability of fabrics for you.

We test new fabrics and check for shrinkage before cutting. With all-new materials, we test as much as possible to determine their durability before proceeding. When necessary, we instruct customers to handle certain fabrics with special care.


European style and flair

Revelle co-branded with the finest mills in Italy. These partnerships bring an extensive range of printed percales and sateens to the Canadian market. Some delicately sweet and calming, others are bold trendsetters. 

The finest fabrics are sought after from Italy and Portugal, and wherever new weaves and exclusive designs can be found. This ensures the latest original prints of the highest quality in the world.


Proudly Canadian & Fine craftsmanship

We are proudly Canadian-owned and operated, by the original founding business partners who established the company over 40 years ago. Now that’s impressive!

We are 90% in stock at all times. We manufacture about 95% of our products in our Canadian factory located in Toronto. This gives us total control over quality and delivery from A-Z.

Since we’re obsessed with the fine craftsmanship of our sewing team, we employ only local sewers and ateliers who value fine details and are meticulous with their craft


Bold prints and exclusive designs

We’ve been relentlessly scouting Europe for 40+ years and curated the finest, highest-quality, future-forward designs and fabrics we could find. We are known in the industry for carrying the most unique and exotic prints. 

This is Revelle’s commitment to the craft of creating bedroom fashions, delivering beauty and comfort to millions of beds around the world.


Wide range of styles

The prestigious Revelle label has continuously brought high quality products to discriminating buyers by acquiring a large collection of 100% Cotton, fine woven sateens, crips percales, high thread count jacquards and matelassé coverlets.


Revelle is Eco-Friendly

We believe it’s luxurious to do good for the planet.
Our organic collection (Mantra & Om) is one of our top sellers. 

Revelle is very proud of Gabels’ STeP Certification - a recognition for ecological textile plants working towards transparency and credibility on a mission towards sustainable production of organic fabrics. (STeP= Sustainable Textile Production)


Superior Reputation

Over 40+ years, we’ve developed a reputation for fine craftsmanship and became a renowned household brand name.

Focusing on manufacturing linens and bed fashions in Canada has placed and sustained the Revelle name among the best in the world.